Benchmark – 28 cyber insurance offerings for Small and Medium Enterprises (KMU)

In the context of the IT Management module of the German Armed Forces University in Munich, we worked with student teams to investigate various topics relating to IT security and in particular assisted in the preparation of a study on cyber insurance.

The foundation of this study is the increasing threat of cyber attacks, which even small and medium-sized enterprises (KMUs) are facing nowadays. The associated damage does not only cause immense damage in financial terms, but is also accompanied by a loss of image and trust by customers. The desire to cover and at best to prevent cyber attacks is therefore high, but the knowledge about their realization and the overall concept is often not sufficiently available.

Our study addresses this problem and analyses the possible protection of two fictitious companies. To get an overview of the cyber insurances offered on the market and for those who are interested in our interpretation of the results, the study is available for free download.


Date: 25.08.2020

Location: Cologne, Germany

Topic: Consulting

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