Infodas BSI certified as Cybersecurity provider for federal agencies

INFODAS GmbH is certified as an IT security service provider in the field of information security auditing (IS auditing) and information security consulting (IS consulting). After corresponding audits in February and March, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has issued the certification.

The BSI thus enables INFODAS GmbH to carry out qualified IS audits within the framework of the federal implementation plan (UP). The UP Bund contains the current guidelines for the control and implementation of information security in all federal authorities. This ensures that the current security level is adapted to the current and future challenges in the area of IT security. The IS revision is a tool for determining, achieving and maintaining an appropriate security level in an institution and is a central component of any successful information security management. The certification not only verifies INFODAS GmbH to carry out IS audits in accordance with guidelines, but also the reliability, impartiality and quality of its consulting services. In addition, the BSI confirms that the staff and infrastructure used in the auditing and consulting services meet the high requirements for information security in the Federal Administration.

The validity of the BSI certificate is limited to three years. The BSI conducts regular monitoring audits to check whether the required conditions are still observed. In addition to INFODAS GmbH, there are currently only 14 other service providers nationwide with a comparable high level of certification.

INFODAS GmbH, that celebrates its 45th anniversary on 15 August, is one of the leading software and consulting companies for IT security in Germany. The medium-sized system house with currently 114 employees supports companies, authorities and military institutions with services in the conception and implementation of comprehensive security of IT infrastructures. In addition, the company develops products for high security and the protection of critical infrastructures. Several products of INFODAS GmbH are approved for the classification level DEUTSCH GEHEIM as well as EU and NATOSECRET. In addition to the headquarter in Cologne, the company has further offices in Berlin and Munich.

BSI is the national cyber security authority of the German federal government: It is responsible for the preventive development of information and cyber security in Germany and the secure use of information and communication technology in the state, economy and society. As the central certification body for IT security in Germany, it checks whether companies meet certain information security standards in practice.


Date: 15.10.2019

Location: Köln, Deutschland

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