Supporting young talents for innovative IT-Security solutions

Promoting young talent is one of our major goals at infodas: here, young talents have the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and work on individual solutions aimed at protecting sensitive data.

Within industrial sectors, processes are becoming more frequently and extensively automated – thus, the threat of cyberattacks for critical systems is increasing.

Without a comprehensive protection system, even the minimal disruption of a component within a production chain can lead to massive financial losses, outages or even accidents.

In this context, we had the opportunity to work with young talents on a project to develop solutions to protect a robotic arm, through an architecture that will allow to protect sensitive industrial systems in the future.

The team of trendsetters in the field of IT and OT security collaboratively presented a project using our SDoT Security Gateway Express to safeguard a robotic arm in an industrial environment. Thanks to this architecture, the arm, which is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), only receives (and sends) information that has previously been classified as “secure”. This prevents attacks – such as destructive control commands that could come from a source outside the OT network.

Currently, industrial environments are protected with protocols such as MQTT or Modbus-TCP. Our design offers the ability to strengthen security systems by segmenting OT networks through SDoT products that filter data flow. In addition, this unique design allows for customized solutions that are directly tailored to customer needs: At infodas, we know that flexibility and adaptability are the key features of efficient IT security solutions.

For us, this successful collaboration is another example of how important it is to recognize and promote the skills of young talents.



Date: 13.10.2022

Location: Köln, Germany

Topic: Company News, Cross Domain Solutions, Press releases

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