Family is about security and standing together

Since 1974 infodas stands for family

We are an independent, family owned SME of the German “Mittelstand”. We stand for family oriented work-life-balance and family values at work. Our clients and employees are our family. We stand by them – today, tomorrow and in the future. Cybersecurity and cutting edge technology is our passion.


What makes us unique?


Cybersecurity and IT in the public sector and critical infrastructure

Extraordinary Family

Trustworthy employees that are continuously trained and leave their mark on the personal and expertise level because they have an outstanding work-life balance.

Unique combination

We are one of the few companies in the information security space that managed to grow organically to a Cybersecurity consulting and product company.


We pursue our passion and remain loyal to our family values.

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INFODAS at a glance

Independent family-owned business founded in 1974 in Cologne

Industry focus on Cybersecurity in the public sector and critical infrastructure

Offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Munich

Cybersecurity products & consulting


Together we make the digital world safer

Infodas works closely with clients and leading innovators from various industries to develop solutions for the challenges of digitization. We have technology and strategic partners.  Our global network of resellers and system integrators provides on-site support for our international customers. Finally, we are active in various industry associations and working groups for Cybersecurity and defense.


Older than Apple and younger than Microsoft

Our story – From INFODATA to INFODAS

Watergate, oil crisis, Willy Brandt resigns as chancellor and Germany becomes world champion. For the Internet, basics like Ethernet and TCP were created while the Altair 8800 was the first commercially successful computer on the market. In 1974, when Dr Boell,  Mr. Henselmann and Mr. Klinge decided to found an IT company in Cologne, times were truly turbulent and full of changes. Data was learning to run digitally and we wanted to be part of it and make it more secure.


Incorporation of INFODATA GmbH

The three founders wanted to develop a portable database system, communication solutions and do projects for the German armed forces (e.g. C4 systems).



Renaming to INFODAS GmbH

Due to brand name similarities with another company INFODATA had to be renamed to INFODAS to avoid a lawsuit.


Exciting times and first growth phase

  • Support of  FüGruSysH 90, HEROS 1, EIFEL
  • 13 employees

Move into our HQ

infodas moves into its newly built office building at Rhonestr. 2, 50765 Cologne.


More projects

  • Supporting HEROS 2 and PISA
  • 1984: 32 employees

NATO projects

  • Started to support various NATO projects which lasted up to the year 2010 such as Alternate War HQ, Deployable HQ, Allied Command Europe – Core Capability
  • 1989: 93 employees

Tough economic times

  • Restructuring and lay-offs
  • 1994: 37 employees

Birth of SAVe

To make the work of Cybersecurity consultants more efficient infodas developed Secure Audit Verification (SAVe) as an Microsoft Access application.


Birth of RSGate (SDoT)

We started to work on our bi-directional Cross Domain Solution under the name “RSGate”


Launch of SDoT

Introduced our bi-directional Security Gateway as high-assurance data guard to the German market


Major contracts for Cybersecurity consulting

  • The Cybersecurity consulting team won major framework contracts and deals with public sector clients
  • Employees: 40

RSGate becomes SDoT

We changed the name of our bi-directional cross domain solution RSGate Version 4.0 to Secure Domain Transition (SDoT) Security Gateway


Expansion of our product and services portfolio

  • Intensifying our collaboration with the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) as part of our product R&D work
  • Sold general license for our cross domain solutions to key German government clients

Changing of the guards

  • Thorsten Ecke, Carsten Schulz and Lutz Franken become managing directors and shareholders of infodas
  • 2016: 50 employees

SDoT Security Gateway receives German SECRET accreditation

  • SDoT Security Gateway receives German SECRET accreditation by the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI)
  • Opened office in Munich
  • Employees: 80+

New offices and launch of international business

  • Opened an office in Berlin
  • Launched international business development activities
  • Employees: 100+

45-Year Anniversary

  • SDoT Security Gateway nominated for the German Innovation Award
  • Opened an office in Bonn
  • BSI certifies infodas as Cybersecurity and pentesting service provider for federal agencies
  • SDoT Security Gateway Express receives German, EU and NATO SECRET accreditation
  • SDoT Diode becomes the only software based data diode in the world with a German, EU and NATO SECRET accreditation ans transfer rates of up to 9.1 Gbit/s.
  • Employees: 140+

Working in COVID-19

  • INFODAS and SDoT products receive 5 CDM awards at RSA20
  • Opened an office in Hamburg
  • SDoT Labelling Service receives SECRET approval
  • infodas brews CDoT craft beer for Cybersecurity professionals
  • Employees: 160+

Return to the New Normal

  • SDoT Security Gateway receives NATO SECRET approval
  • SDoT Security Gateway receives EU SECRET approval
  • Expansion of home office options for employees
  • infodas reduces CO2 footprint by installing photovoltaic system at Cologne site



Let’s continue writing history

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