SDoT Industry Gateway

Military-grade experience at the service of industrial sector needs

Are you confronted with the challenges of air gapped environments or closed circuits, regulatory requirements, legacy systems or limited access between your Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) ?

The SDoT Industry Gateway connects domains with different security requirements and enables unidirectional and bidirectional exchange of data.

Based on the SDoT product family, that has been successfully used in the defense sector for many years, the SDoT Industry Gateway has been designed for the specific requirements in CRITIS and vulnerable industrial sectors.

The SDoT Industry Gateway provides the private sector with an extensive cybersecurity protection, compliant with the highest cybersecurity regulations and ensures a fully secured and controled data exchange between different security domains (OT/IT).

  • Highest security standards
  •  Enables your digital transformation journey
    towards the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Hardened by cutting-edge cryptography
    and providing a full protocol break

SDoT. Industry Gateway

SDoT Industry Gateway.

Protect from ransomware
and Zero-day-Exploits
Access business critical data
without risking business
Configuration upgradable
from unidirectional to bidirectional
data transfer
Facilitate time-sensitive
file transfer and status
Monitor and control previously
air-gapped OT environments
Low TCO/high ROI thanks to
an attractive subscription-based
turnkey model
Enable holistic Cross Domain
Patch Transfer

Certified Cybersecurity

For Critical Infrastructures and Production Facilities!

SDoT products supports you in fulfilling industry regulatory requirements according to e.g. IEC 62443, NIST, Common Criteria and more. Together with our own software and commercially available converters it offers flexible configurability and a wide range of application possibilities.

Exemplary Use Cases

Secure Data Communication for Digital Interlocking Systems!

A prime example where this is applicable is a Security Operations Center (SOC) or a C2 Instance. Internal and external sources like SCADA systems, signalling boxes, sensors and trains can safely provide data to domains of higher security classification levels even when using bidirectional protocols. If there is a need, data payload containing command and control messages that have been rigorously checked and verified down to the bit-level can be sent back.

Use Case Railway

SDoT securing ETCS – Train/Track Communication in the near future!

Security on the highest Level

Since 1974, infodas has been a pioneer in its sector, offering hardware, software and consultancy
solutions for Cyber- and IT-Security.
Our Cross Domain Solutions cover a wide array of uni- and bidirectional use-cases with structured
or unstructured data and protocols, holding NATO, EU, GERMAN SECRET and NITES accreditations
and CC EAL4+ certifications.


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