IT Consulting

We support your IT Projects and PMO

We help you during the planning, implementation and operational phase of your digital / IT project. We have decades of experience of supporting IT projects in the public sector. Especially defense.

We provide you with a team of IT and project management experts who work closely with you to ensure a successful implementation. Our consultants combine industry experience and technical understanding with classic (e.g. V-Modell XT) or agile (e.g. SCRUM) methods.

Recording and documenting requirements is essential for successful IT projects. Our equirements engineering experts have been supporting our clients for decades – even in complex projects lasting several years. We help you record, create, document, re-use and check requirements or functional specficications. It does not matter whether you plan software or a new vehicle.


Client projects

Harmonization of military branch C4I Systems

The client wanted to harmonize the C4I systems of the Navy, Army and Air Force. infodas IT consultants worked closely with the client to record, evaluate, verify and consolidate requirements for such a complex undertaking. The requirements were used for a public procurement.

Migration of a Medical C4 System

The client wanted to create a medical C4 system to support the work of first responders. infodas IT consultants worked closely with the client to review the medical C4 systems against the requirments and test cases.

Cross Domain Solution in Defense

infodas IT consultants worked closely with the client to manage a cross domain solution implementation for a system with multiple security domains and exchange relationships with other countries and organizations.

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