SDoT Labelling Service

Application independent data classification with tamper proof and NATO STANAG 4774/8 compliant XML security labels

The SDoT Labelling Service (LS) is designed and manufactured in Germany based on the security by design principle.

The security appliance meets the highest security standards of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), EU and NATO. It was designed to be deployed in the toughest and mission critical environments around the world.

As an element of data centric security (DCS) or data centric audit and protection (DCAP) conepts, the SDoT Labelling Service takes over the role of classifying sensitive data and verifying labels. The XML security labels are cryptographically bound to any structured or unstructured data object. Combined with an SDoT Security Gateway it is possible to model complex cross domain solutions with a broad range of data objects and bi-directional exchange of data between systems, departments, organizations or nations.


NATO 4774/8 Compliant
Universal Architecture
Secure Architecture

The SDoT Labelling Services allows manual or automatic data classification with XML security labels. The SDoT Labelling Service is available as a virtual machine or hardware appliance. An open API enables any whitelisted user to classify data with tamper proof labels from any application.

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Easy integration in your application ecosystem

NATO STANAG 4774 and 4778

STANAG stands for Standardization Agreement which define processes or military hardware. To enable future data exchange and interoperability amongst NATO Member States, NATO STANG 4774 and 4778 define a syntax (4774) for trusted security labels / markings and how these are cryptographically bound to data objects (4778) to ensure the integrity of data and the label. Trusted security labels include for example data on the creator, creation and expiration date. There are different profiles for REST, SMTP, SOAP, XMPP or Office Open XML. infodas remains involved in the improvement process and is part of the annual NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX).

The SDoT Labelling Service sits in your infrastructure and can be integrated in the work environment (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel) of the user which ensures a high degree of user adoption and data centric security.

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