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“AI is made by humans and is the responsibility of humans […]”

Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is complex in nature and has not been examined nor understood to its full extent. As a result, it is almost unimaginable to fathom the possibilities and opportunities current and future AI can provide. The terms “machine learning” and “deep learning” are often used interchangeably with AI, although those are just some of the components of it. The collective expertise of our dynamic team of AI-specialists, software developers and application specialists can help you identify and realize your AI-projects.

A crucial criterion to successfully complete an AI Project is an in-depth analysis of the requirements and required knowledge of established and current AI trends. Through the use of creative design-thinking methods, the necessary AI solutions are identified for each relevant organizational unit. This fosters more trust within an organization and prevents the creation (and spread) of any myths surrounding AI. Rapid prototyping is used to test various AI scenarios, while simultaneously providing employees with first-hand experience, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the solution.

The AI Consulting Team is characterized by their agile work ethics and can realize projects in the most sensitive environments up until the classification level GEHEIM.

  • AI Potential Workshop
  • AI Market Analysis & Benchmarks
  • AI Tender Support
  • AI Strategy
  • AI Software Development and Prototyping
  • AI Data Preparation
  • AI Bias Audit
  • AI Safeguarding
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Dialog System
  • Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Reinforcement Learning

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Industry focus

  • Federal and State Authority/Government
  • Public Safety and Authorities with Safety Tasks (“BOS”)
  • Defense

Use-case Scenarios & Examples

Federal Offices – Citizen Service Center

All incoming communication within the citizen service centers and across their different communication channels (for e.g., telephone, e-mail, etc.) is supported by an AI-Assistant and is almost entirely automated. In this scenario, audio, voice, and image processing are utilized.

Federal Offices & Agencies – Archives and Records

Use of recommendation algorithms and automated verification of the data within the archives and records.

Defense – Analysis of Video and Image Data

Use of recommendation algorithms and automated verification of large video and image files to relieve the workload of analysts, while simultaneously optimizing resource planning.

Security Agency – Hazard analysis for events

Using computer vision and real-time analysis to predict potential danger zones in the context of large events or demonstrations.

State Government – Bills & Proposals

Analysis and evaluation of bills (for e.g., legislative proposals in the context of EU Member States) to ensure it does not conflict with existing national and/or EU law using natural language processing.

State Government and Local Authorities – Fraud Prevention

Analysis and evaluation of requests in various areas for fraud detection and prevention.

Transport Services – Optimization of Maintenance Work

Optimizing rail maintenance by combining video data and other sources to analyze and test rail tracks.