In the sign of strength: CYBERWOMEN – Together for IT security and female expertise

Despite the still low representation of women in IT security, there are more female IT security experts than we can imagine. Until 2019, Germany lacked a public forum that regularly brings together women with cybersecurity know-how for exchange and networking. CYBERWOMEN has changed this and built a strong network of female IT security experts. As a non-profit event, CYBERWOMEN not only provides a platform for experts to showcase their skills but also offers newcomers the opportunity to gather information and embark on a new career full of strength.

CYBERWOMEN: Community, knowledge, and strength for women in IT security

CYBERWOMEN is a unique event dedicated to the professional exchange among women in IT security, both for experts and women who want to enter this field. The focus is not on presenting companies or products but on open dialogue about IT security and relevant gender issues. CYBERWOMEN aims to foster networking and collectively strengthen the female presence in this dynamic industry. Our event sheds light on diverse topics and provides space for new perspectives because we believe that exchanging ideas beyond boundaries leads to valuable insights and opportunities.

CYBERWOMEN: Inclusive exchange for female IT security experts at all career stages

CYBERWOMEN provides a platform for female IT security experts from public and private sectors, regardless of their career stage – ranging from students to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Although it is an event for women, we warmly welcome men with relevant expertise as well. For our in-person events, the number of participants is limited to approximately 200 attendees, while we are happy to host even more CYBERWOMEN online. Our initiative aims to create an inclusive environment where women in IT security can meet, connect, and learn from each other.

CYBERWOMEN: A non-profit initiative for women and IT security

CYBERWOMEN is a non-profit initiative launched by infodas. Our focus is on women and their role in IT security, not on sponsors and partners. The financing of our events is solely through sponsors. If there are surpluses, they will be donated on behalf of all sponsors or used to finance future events. In addition to sponsors, we work closely with numerous non-profit partners who support us through their networks and communication channels. At CYBERWOMEN, we work openly and collaboratively on this initiative to create an attractive program and strengthen the female presence in IT security.

Role models and support networks

Visible role models and supportive networks are of great importance for women in cybersecurity. Successful women already working in the industry can inspire and guide others by offering mentoring and creating networking opportunities. Building communities and organizations specifically aimed at fostering connections among women in cybersecurity can provide valuable support and resources. These platforms offer space for exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge, and mutual support to succeed together.

Enhancing diversity and security

Strengthening gender diversity in cybersecurity is not only important for fair representation but also contributes to better security outcomes. By creating diverse teams, women bring a wide range of perspectives that can lead to more comprehensive threat analysis, improved decision-making processes, and more effective defense strategies. The diversity of experiences and viewpoints allows for a more holistic approach to security as different perspectives and approaches complement each other and strengthen the entire team. By actively including women in cybersecurity, we can collectively enhance the security landscape and develop future-proof solutions.