SDoT Security Gateway & Security Gateway Express

Bi-directional data exchange and filtering of structured and unstructured data objects

The SDoT Security Gateway is designed and manufactured in Germany according to security design principle. The security appliance meets the highest security requirements of the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), EU and NATO. For the past 10 years it has been used in the toughest and mission critical environments around the world. As a cross domain solution / information exchange gateway / trusted filter / data guard the SDoT Security Gateway solves complex data exchange and protection challenges of government, defense and infrastructure clients while ensuring logical separation of security domains.

Your options

Security Gateway

For scenarios that require data exchange and filtering of structured data and unstructured data with security labels.

Security Gateway Express

For scenarios that require high-speed, low latency data filtering of structured data objects.



Structured data
Unstructured data
Secure architecture

Each SDoT Security Gateway (Appliance) comes with an SDoT Adminstation and an SDoT CA Station (hardened laptops with L4 MOS) for configuration.

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