Automatic or manual patch management of isolated networks

Highly sensitive systems and data assets (domains) are often separated from the Internet or less critical systems. This is a common practice among government, defense and critical infrastructure information security professionals. Separation is achieved through isolation, commonly referenced as an air gap. While isolation significantly increases the barrier for data exfiltration or malware infection, Cyberattacks can still happen in various ways. The Stuxnet attack of the Iranian nuclear program is a prominent case in point. However, keeping isolated systems updated with patches requires time and manual labor and is error prone (“swivel chair” or “sneaker” networks) as any software update has to be checked for malware and then transferred to the isolated system.



Automatic Updates
Universal Architecture
Secure Architecture

Supported Software

MS Office
Symantec Antivirus
Java Runtime
Red Hat
CertBW Advisories (IPS/IDS)
Open Suse
Other software / applications


SDoT Product Family

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  • Logical network separation
  • Secure Architecture
  • NATO, EU and German SECRET accredited

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