infodas and Sepio partnership

Cologne, August 16th, 2022 – infodas, leader in cross domain solutions, celebrates a new partnership with Sepio, both specialists in data security. With harmonizing systems, they complement infodas solutions in a unique way.

Sepio’s HAC-1 solution, based on physical layer information as it’s new data source, manages hardware assets risks by providing complete visibility to ALL of your hardware assets – whether connected as a peripheral or a network element. Ultimate visibility is achieved without the need to monitor or inspect traffic, thus avoiding privacy issues and cumbersome deployments. Policy enforcement rules allow an easier regulation compliance.

By tapping to a previously unused data source the HAC-1 can detect Rogue devices, previously undetected by existing cybersecurity solutions.

This partnership combines the long-standing cybersecurity expertise of both companies into a holistic solution.

“Many of our customers seeking to secure mission critical networks with our cross-domain solutions frequently ask us for other elements of a high assurance solution architecture. Sepio‘s approach has already contributed to uncovering hacked supermicro hardware; by offering a cutting edge Layer 1 security relevant to several clients in government, defense and critical infrastructure. We look forward to working with them“,

states Thorsten Ecke, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at infodas.

About Sepio

Founded in 2016 by cybersecurity industry veterans, Sepio’s HAC-1 solution aids enterprises manage risks related to their hardware assets.

HAC-1 is the first hardware access control platform that provides unparalleled visibility, control, and mitigation to zero trust, insider threat, BYOD, IT, OT and IoT security programs. Sepio’s physical layer fingerprinting technology discovers all managed, unmanaged, and hidden devices that are otherwise invisible to all other security and asset visibility tools. Through multiple third-party seamless integration support, HAC-1 insights and actionable measures are easily incorporated into existing automation processes. Based in Rockville, Maryland, the company operates globally through its vast channel partners’ network. Learn more:

About infodas

infodas is an independent, family owned business founded in 1974 in Germany. The company develops innovative cross domain Solutions and provides Cybersecurity consulting to government, defense and commercial clients. infodas SDoT product family cross domain solutions (SDoT Security Gateway, SDoT Software Data Diode, SDoT Labeling Service, are NATO SECRET approved, and are listed in the NATO information assurance catalogue.


Date: 16.08.2022

Location: Cologne, Germany

Topic: Company News, Press releases

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