From Sensor to Shooter – tactical live-firing at NAMFI, Kreta

SPARTAN ARROW (SPAR) with tactical live- firing at NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI), Crete

Cross Domain Solution SDoT massively increases the cyber-resilience of weapon systems

During this year’s SPAR exercise with subsequent live firing in Crete, infodas once again demonstrated that its market-available product SDoT Security Gateway Express fully meets the requirements set by the German Air Force by implementing its SECRET-approved high-security products.

“The SDoT Security Gateway Espress has been developed particularly for use in the context of weapon systems. High-performance in nature, it virtually processes information in real time. In addition, the product has been examined in the first half of 2022 by an independent test centre of the German Armed Forces, regarding its suitability for integration on seagoing units of the Navy. In all five different scenarios, infodas has proven that weapon systems and the networks or security domains behind them can be coupled with one another in such a way that the operational requirements of these capability carriers can be met in the same way as the cyber security requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the German Military Security Accreditation Authority (DEUmilSAA). Using approved products, differently classified security domains can be linked in such a way that sensitive information won’t be leaked at any time. Furthermore, external attack vectors are reduced to a minimum and cyber resilience is massively increased:potential attackers cannot gain control over cross-linked weapon systems via cyber-attacks. In addition to the main weapon systems of the Air Force and the Army, this applies more than ever to the current and future main weapon systems in the Navy (such as the F126 frigate, the K130 corvettes or the 212 CD submarines). Interconnecting of weapon systems without the use of such approved products (cross-domain solutions) should hopefully be a thing of the past,” explains Thorsten Ecke, Managing Director of infodas.

Marion Konnerth from infodas is responsible for all projects regarding Cross Domain Solutions and was on site with her team during preparations and training.

“We were particularly impressed by the cooperation with the Air Force and all other partners. Through this joint approach, we have repeatedly proven that our products are not only safe, but also meet operational requirements – such as the SPAR exercise and the PATRIOT weapon system. The greatest challenge for infodas was to interconnect the various groups and systems without media breaks and with low latency, and to enable secure bidirectional communication in such a way that the approaching targets could be successfully attacked. We did it!” reports Marion Konnerth.

The main advantages of interconnecting various security domains can be summarized as follows:

– Warning messages about incoming target objects can be sent without delay. This improves / increases the early warning capability and situational awareness.

– The overview of the situation is improved by detecting the potential threat(s) earlier. PATRIOT’s own radar can be delayed and activated in a more targeted manner.

– The electromagnetic reconnaissance of the PATRIOT units is made more difficult and thus the weapon systems are more difficult to localize.



NAMFI is a multinational training facility shared by Germany, Greece and the Netherlands. NAMFI creates safe conditions on the premises for conducting live firing exercises and also serves to organize other military and civilian activities.


About infodas

infodas GmbH was founded in 1974 and is one of the leading software and consulting companies for cyber and information security in Germany. The mid-sized system house provides services to companies, public authorities and the military in the conception and implementation of comprehensive approaches to cyber and information security and the protection of IT infrastructures. In addition, the company develops high-security products for domain transitions (Cross Domain Solutions) and the protection of critical infrastructures. The infodas SDoT product family is approved for the classification SECRET as well as EU SECRET and NATO SECRET. The products are also certified according to Common Criteria and have other country-specific certificates. infodas GmbH has been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as an IT security service provider in the areas of IS auditing, consulting and IS penetration tests UP-Bund. It also has IT security experts who are allowed to support KRITIS operators in accordance with Section 8a (1) of the BSI Act (BSIG) with their test procedure expertise in implementation, as well as BSI auditors who check KRITIS operators to determine whether they have achieved this goal and comply with the current legal requirements.

In addition to the headquarters in Cologne, the company has further locations in Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg and Munich.


Date: 04.11.2022

Location: Cologne, Germany

Topic: Cross Domain Solutions, Press releases

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