Air Gapping and Cross Domain Solutions in a Nutshell

An air gap, also known as a “separation gap,” is a security measure used to physically isolate a computer or networks with different security requirements amongst each other. Air gaps are still widely used in today’s high security domains, mainly because of their alleged high security and they are implemented mainly through the use of removable media.

During a time when digital transformation is one of the top priorities on the agenda of many organizations, it is extremely clear that air gapping is not a viable solution anymore, as the volume of data to be exchanged and the required speed to support real time decisions increase.

Other than being not viable anymore, air gaps are not even secure: it is easy to show that the high security of air gaps is rather a perception than reality and this sums up with the high operational costs of this technique.

Today, technologies like Cross Domain Solutions offer an equal or even higher level of security with respect to air gaps, supporting time the requirements of digital transformation programmes at the same time.

Dr. Fulvio Arreghini, Head of International Sales at infodas, explains why air gaps are ‘the slowest gear of digital transformation’ and how CDS can be an enabler for it.


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About the Author/s
Dr. Fulvio Arreghini

Head of International Sales, infodas