Of warships and cybersecurity: the challenges of modernization in times of digitalization

Navies are constantly modernising their fleet through digitalization programmes. To take advantage
of new communication technologies and their numerous benefits such as real-time decision
making and information sharing, former air gapped systems are being connected with the IT world.
Consequently, sensitive networks are being integrated with less secure ones.

Modern warships are designed to take multiple roles and to operate in a multi domain and highly
digitized space, in a continuum of competition, where data are essential for Decision Dominance.
The battlespace of today’s of multidomain operation is interconnected and while this increases the
efficiency and effectiveness in military manouvers, it also opens windows of opportunities for new
threats coming from the cyberspace.

Countering these new threats, while allowing the digital transformation of the battlespace, requires
rethinking the way data are moved and transferred through security domains. Cross Domain
Solutions are today’s answer to this challenge.

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About the Author/s
Dr. Fulvio Arreghini

Head of International Sales, INFODAS Gesellschaft für Systementwicklung und Informationsverarbeitung mbH