Of warships and cybersecurity: the challenges of modernization in times of digitalization


Navies are constantly modernising their fleet through digitalization programmes. To take advantage of new communication technologies and their numerous benefits such as real-time decision making and information sharing, former air gapped systems are being connected with the IT world. Consequently, sensitive networks are being integrated with less secure ones. Modern warships are designed to take […]

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How AI can support classified information protection & cross domain solutions


Recommendation algorithms and automated checks of classified documents as well as anomaly detection using Deep Learning at critical network transitions can increase information assurance and trustworthiness when dealing with sensitive data Artificial intelligence (AI) is a current trending topic in digitization. The development has been rapid so far and sure enough, AI is yet to […]

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It’s complicated: The Board & Cybersecurity


Whether you are an inside our outside director of the board, Cybersecurity will be on your agenda in the near future if it has not been already. The challenge: Neither do you speak the same language as your security professionals nor will they be able to present you with a silver bullet to address your […]

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