Solving data sovereignty and classified information protection issues with the F-35 ALIS / ODIN system


US Military, Non-US partners and potential users of Lockheed Martin’s (LMCO), an American aerospace & defense corporations, F-35 Lightning II, an all-weather multi-role stealth aircraft, have concerns about the planes data collection and sharing activities or cybersecurity posture. It appears these reports even led some countries to consider cancelling their participation. The F35’s Autonomic Logistics […]

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Soluciones de Dominio Cruzado: ¿Por qué son fundamentales en los procesos de digitalización con datos sensibles?


Los sistemas y activos de datos (dominios) altamente confidenciales suelen estar separados de Internet o de sistemas menos críticos. La separación se consigue mediante el aislamiento, conocido como “brecha de aire”. Dicho aislamiento dificulta considerablemente la exfiltración de datos, así como la infección por programas informáticos malignos. Sin embargo, los ciberataques pueden seguir produciéndose de […]

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It’s complicated: The Board & Cybersecurity


Whether you are an inside our outside director of the board, Cybersecurity will be on your agenda in the near future if it has not been already. The challenge: Neither do you speak the same language as your security professionals nor will they be able to present you with a silver bullet to address your […]

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Video: Overcoming the Cyber Capability Sharing Barrier


NATO members are used to sharing military assets and capabilities, especially military hardware such as tanks, bases, infantry divisions or fighter jets. Sharing offensive and defensive Cyber capabilities are important for today’s military operations in peace time and conflict. However, they are facing similar challenges as intelligence sharing is among allies, especially in times that […]

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Cyber Insurance: The risky billion-dollar market


Cyber risks are real and are constantly evolving with technological advances and pervasiveness. Whether individuals, small business or multi national—all might face a Cyber incident that can result in costly financial consequences. In times of heavy competition in classic insurance products and negative interest rate headwinds limiting returns from insurer’s bond portfolios, Cyber risk presents […]

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